Lucy Wells

Plant spirit medicine healer, tai chi and qigong practitioner, counsellor.

As well as can be.

Healing, spirit and energy work can appear quite mysterious if you think of being human as simply a physical experience.

Once you allow that there is much more to us than mere flesh and bones (even though they are pretty amazing in their own right) then the mystery of our existence on this planet can lead us on a fascinating and richly rewarding voyage of discovery, that will ultimately benefit the whole.

What does it take to fully engage with life?

Complex mixtures of physical, emotional and mental conditions are woven into the fabric of our beings. They require for us to learn and grow as we navigate life’s unique challenges. Deep in the heart of us lies the connection to the eternal source.

With the ongoing unfolding of our awareness, otherwise known as learning, we begin to understand the conditioning in this life, the influences of family and genetics, and thus commence the clearing and healing of the wounds we all carry.

Our bodies, minds and emotions can all express symptoms. When we choose to listen and become more consciously aware of the patterns at play within our reactions a pathway opens towards greater peace, balance and harmony.

Plant Spirit Medicine is one of many healing modalities that provide help in achieving this healing momentum through an inspirational connectivity to the divine natural world via the help of our plant brothers and sisters.

It utilises the traditional Chinese five element system to diagnose the fundamental root of imbalance.


This system understands the world to be formed from natural primordial forces which move through the universe and also manifest in our human systems.

The spirit or energy of the plants is directed by the healer and invited into the energetic system of the client to help reach the source of dis-ease and relative imbalance within their body, mind, spirit.

The plant spirits clear energetic blocks and nourish the constitution allowing for profound healing to happen.

There are lineages and traditions which have understood this and similar perspectives for millennia, that our extraordinarily creative world Gaia and the forces operating around and within her are wise and intelligent.

This wisdom is re-emerging into our western cultural worldview ever more powerfully as we negotiate a pivotal time of crisis when there is a deep need and longing for more healthy relationships with ourselves, each other, the plant, animal and natural world kingdoms and all the energies of the universe.

Touched by Nature

Lucy has been a Plant Spirit Medicine healer since 2006. She studied and learned from Eliot Cowan the author of “Plant Spirit Medicine” and graduated as a teacher of this medicine in 2020.

She is the co-author of “Touched by Nature, plant spirit medicine journeys.” (Aeon books 2019) and alongside her fellow author, friend and colleague Pip Waller offers in person introduction to plant spirit medicine weekends and “A year with the plants” an online seasonal awareness course.

They are about to launch a two- year healer training programme in conjunction with fellow friend PSM healer, homeopath and psychotherapist Anna Murray Preece.

For more information on all these offerings please visit their website


As a result of her work with the plant spirits Lucy started working with the spirit of Fire and became an initiated Sacred Firekeeper in 2006. Along with her partner she holds regular monthly community fire circles.

Fire is a transformational energy that burns, warms and sheds light on our issues. It can prove extremely helpful when working with conflict or blockages. Resolution fires are a way to move forward.

Please visit for more info on these.


Lucy has also held a diploma in Therapeutic counselling since 1999.

Through the art of deep listening our words and language can offer us clues to help recognise old patterns and negotiate challenges with grace and understanding.

She is very interested in story both as personal narrative and as cultural and spiritual guidance and learning. She has collaborated with various wordsmiths and currently works with storyteller Amy Douglas on the creation of live and digital performance pieces.

Tai chi and Qigong

Prior to developing her work with the plant spirits Lucy worked as a Tai chi tutor and community arts practitioner exploring ways of creative expression for transformational change.

Tai chi and qigong remain central to her investigation and search for effective healing tools that can help empower our journey towards wholeness and freedom from dis-ease.

From the fundamental worldview that we are powered by chi, energy, prana or vital life force these practices help us gain understanding of the patterns that allow for the optimal flow of this energetic juice.

The Taoist art of being with what is, allowing for change as an essential ingredient in life’s soup and relaxing into both its stillness and its flow is an ongoing study and fascination.

“ I experienced a joyful opening of awareness” – ML.

We are simultaneously at one and uniquely distinct from all that is alive within the universe. Glimpsing the truth of this statement is in itself a healing moment and the practice of Tai chi and Qigong can really help us align our systems to deeply embody this understanding.

“As always Lucy delivers her teachings with honesty, warmth and good humour and I’ve left every class feeling both soothed and energised” – K.R

Lucy has been practising these arts since the early 1980’s and has studied with teachers Adrian Murray, Alan Peck, Xi Xing Wang, Dr Shen Hoxung and B.K Frantzis.

She runs sessions which explore gentle movement and energy techniques based upon these years of study, designed to aid inner relaxation, healing and growth.

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If you are interested in contacting Lucy about treatment either in person in the Shropshire hills or online via zoom or about resolution fires, then please email or call her to make an appointment.
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